8 Moments from Kesari Trailer which make us proud as an Indian

8 Moments from Kesari Trailer which make us proud as an Indian

Kesari , The movie based on Battle Of Saragarhi is releasing on 21st March. Weather the Glimpses Of Kesari or It’s trailer, Both makes us proud as an Indian. Few days back when Akshay Kumar shares the Glimpses Of Kesari, We got the idea that Kesari Trailer will be massive. We have taken out 8 moments from the trailer which makes us proud as an Indian.

1 Aaj Jawab dene ka waqt aa gya hai : Those who said we Indians are soft, will never fight back or will never reply to any adversaries then the very first scene from Kesari trailer shows that If our 21 men fight enemy of 10,000 Men in the past then We can do in the Future too.

2 Spiritual Touch : Second scene from the trailer starts with melodies tune of “Ik Onkar” which is a symbol that represents the one supreme reality of Sikh religious philosophy.

3 Rab se kaisi ladayi : India is a Liberal state, every one is equal and this scene symbolizes the same. We had done it in the past and will do the same in Future. Ashkay Kumar’s words tell that ” God is One

4 Khalsa Flag and Beat of the Dhol : Raising of Khalsa Flag and Dhol Beat symbolizes the Courage of 21 Sikh Soldiers, That they will fight and defeat the Invading enemy.

5 Fighting : Fighting, Fighting and Fighting.. Epic scenes of fighting and courage displayed by 21 Soldiers showcase the epic scenario and increase our curiosity for Movie, which is releasing on 21 March 2019.

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6 Akshay kumar’s Action : Better known as Khiladi Kumar, Akshay kumar is the Synonym of Action in Bollywood. Watching him in action is really a treat for not only his followers but also for others too.

7 Chal Jhutta :  This scene tells, Even in a tense moment a Soldiers, especially a Sikh Soldier never forgets his comic timing and fun making skills.

8 Roar like a tiger : And finally the End Scene where Akshay Kumar picked up a Enemy with his sword is definitely a Visual treat. He Roar like a Tiger in the end force us to think that 21 Tigers are Fighting against the enemy of 10,000.

Kesari | Official Trailer Staring Akshay Kumar Parineeti Chopra

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